Dinner Party Items

Dinner Party Starters

 Smoked Salmon and Sole
Timbale with a Pink Peppercorn
and Chervil
Butter Sauce.


 Terrine of slow cooked pork Belly, spiced apple sauce and Crackling


Ravioli of Chicken and Lobster,
Shellfish Dressing.

Warm Goats Cheese Salad with
a Tomato, basil and Shallot Dressing.

Pan fried Scallops, Asparagus,
chorizo and Pea Shoots.

Marinated Salmon and Smoked
Salmon Tatare.


Dinner Party Fish

Braised Monk Fish with flash
Fried Vegetables and a
Coriander and Ginger Sauce.

Fillet of Sea Bass with Roasted Fennel, Orange Hollandaise

Red  Mullet, Lightly Soused,
served with Fresh Pasta and Tomato Salsa

Fillets of Salmon with Crab and
served with Mussels and a Saffron Cream.


Fillet of Cod Served on Fresh
Spinach Leaves and Bacon With a Sherry Butter sauce.

Fillet of Halibut with a Glazed
White Wine, Grape and Parsley Sauce.

Dinner Party Mains

Roasted Breast of Duck with a
Beetroot and Coriander Sauce.

Fillet of Beef topped with pan
fried Goose Liver and a Madeira Sauce.

Breast of Guinea Fowl, Honey
Roasted and served with Red
Currants and Thyme scented Sauce.

Pan fried Calves Liver with
Garlic Mash  and a Red Onion Marmalade.

Noisettes of Lamb with Roasted
Shallots and Garlic Port Wine Sauce.

Loin of Venison with a Celeriac
Puree and Smoked Bacon Red Wine Sauce.



Dinner Party Deserts

Panna cotta with Fresh Berries.

Mango Mousse with Raspberries.

Classic Lemon Tart.

Dark Chocolate Parfait with an
Orange Compote.

Summer Berry Pudding with
Clotted Cream.

White Chocolate Mousse with
Spiced Poached Pear and a Red
Wine Syrup.

Chocolate Bread and Butter
Pudding, Vanilla Cream.

Poached Apples, Glazed and
served with a Caramel Sauce.

Warm Pecan Tart with
Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Tiramisu Cheesecake.